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Hawaii + LA

Having been born and raised in LA, hiking has always been a part of my exercise routine. I typically go on three to four sunrise hikes per week. Depending on how much time I have, my morning hikes are usually the West Trail at Runyon Canyon Park, or I take the long route at Griffith Park (entering by the tennis courts). On weekends, when I have a bit more time, I’ll drive to the Westside and do Los Liones or Temescal Canyon.

Runyon West Trail
Los Angeles CA

I love to hike when I’m traveling, as well. I just got back from Oahu, Hawaii, which has some of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. Depending on skill level, there’s beautiful easy and scenic hikes such as the Makapu Light House Trail, which overlooks the crashing blue waves into beautiful volcanic rock. There’s also the Iconic Diamond Head.

If you want a more moderate trail with epic views at the top, any of the pillbox hikes are amazing. My two favorite pillbox hikes are Lanikai Pillbox (East Side), and the Pink Pillbox (West Side). If you’re looking for a more serious challenge, I recommend Koko Head. It has giant railroad tracks straight up a mountain, with beautiful views, or the Arch Hike (kind of terrifying!) which consists of scaling up volcanic rock with epic views. Hawaii has plenty of super advanced hikes as well -- there’s really something for everyone. 

Because most of my hikes in LA take place at sunrise near Hollywood, I’ll usually get a smoothie at LA Press on La Brea. But if it’s the weekend and I’ve done a West Side Hike, I like to get a smoothie or food at Juicy Ladies. They’re my favorite.

For me, hikes are a necessity. I love that hiking isn’t just exercise, but it’s a time for me to connect with nature, ground myself, and gain perspective.  The world is so much bigger than the menial things that consume our minds. Hiking in nature allows me to slow down, take in the beauty, and enjoy the sun warming my face.

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